Powapass TT10 Training Machine


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The TT10 has 5 speeds and can be programmed also to deliver 5 balls at set intervals of 2, 4, 6 and 8 seconds ball dispatch to allow for fast reaction training and shuttle fitness training, the machine also has coaches drop where the remote can be pushed and a ball delivered at the coaches on demand. It has more power to deliver the ball over a further distance & essentially has some additional features that the Powapass TT5 will not have, such as a multiple time interval switch that can be set to have ball dispensed. It is completely portable & will weight approx. 25kg. The machine offers clubs the ability to train an individual on their weaknesses or to build on their strengths. Tremendous for goalies to practice hand eye coordination & reflexes.

Train in your own back yard, down at the park, on a pitch solo, or as part of a group.



Weight 30.32 kg
Dimensions 51.0 × 52.5 × 76.0 cm